What would you do in Spring weather in Frankfurt? Well, we have great news if you would love to spend quality time in Frankfurt. April Carnival of Frankfurt would be unforgettable for everyone, from age youngsters to old people. Today we would like to focus more on history and programme of “Spring Dippemess.”

History of biggest Rhine-Main Event

It’s not your average and another event. It’s the biggest carnival in the rhine-main region of Germany. Keep in mind that the history of the festival starts in the 14th century. Back in 6 centuries ago, the first carnival took place. As we find out from historical papers, by that time people have not thought about this movement as carnival. Just people around the different regions of Germany gathered and started selling ceramic pots and bowls. In old German dialect, those products were known as “Dippe,” and today the carnival has that exact name in honor of ancient times.

Seventy years ago, the German government decided to host a carnival in Rhine-Main. That’s how Frankfurt became the heart of the biggest festival in Germany. Time passed, and carnival grows with different features. People who gathered on “market” also wanted to have fun. That’s how celebration became a tradition with attractions and events that may be in your memories for a long time. As of today, it’s the biggest carnival in this region and full of activities with attractions. Despite new additions and features, festival saved that old soul of ancient Germans.

Frankfurt’s Dippemess 2019 – Programme

You’ll see lots of activities during this spring period. There will be attractions but most of all, people are interested in the exact programme. Keep in mind that the festival lasts for more than a month, so you’ll have enough time to celebrate.

First of all, you’ll see lots of attractions. You can sit and have fun on the following attractions: ‘Devil Rock”, “Hip Hop Fly,” “Poseidon, in Reich der Götter,” “Spinning Racer,” “Break Dancer” and others.

You can also visit the “dark room” where you meet ghosts, frightening dolls, etc. So, attraction “Die große Geisterbahn” is waiting for you.

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