Frankfurt is the heart of Europe. You’ll see lots of exciting things and sightseeing there. Frankly say, Frankfurt is the synergy of old fashioned constructions and new generational buildings. At the same time, you may don’t know that Frankfurt is the center of meetup from European entrepreneurs. Frankfurt always hosts biggest and branded conferences, meetups, master classes, etc.

Today we would love to announce great news for smoking industry people. Frankfurt will host a big event related to shisha. We will focus more on the smoking and shisha industry today. “Shisha Main 2019” will be the favorite event for hookah lovers.

What’s Shisha/Hookah

If you don’t know about the Shisha, keep reading along. Shisha/Hookah is a multi-stemmed instrument for smoking addicts/lovers. So, you can smoke or vaporize plain or flavored tobacco with Hookah. Shisha industry is growing every year, and it’s indeed billion dollar sector. If you have money to invest right now, then the Hookah industry is a perfect one. No one can guarantee huge profits after a few months but as the official statistics show, Shisha users number is growing daily, and people switch from plain smoke to Hookah. So, your entrepreneurial sense could be right, and you must not miss this chance.

ShishMesse Frankfurt 2019

There will be lots of opportunities for everyone. If you are smoker and love hookah, then you should go for it. Why? Because you’ll meet all the big brands in this industry. Companies such as “Social Smoke,” “111 Tobacco”, “Blackcock’s” and others will show and exhibit new approaches. Representatives of exhibitor companies will show everyone generational hookah and pipes for smoking. You’ll meet like-minded people who are a crazy fan of this industry.

As an entrepreneur, you can get new connections and meet with actual investors. Angel investors are always attending this kind of events. You need to go there and be brave enough to show and tell people your ideas. Those people will be there to give you a chance and transform your business ideas in this industry. You can also have huge discounts and exclusive deals from big companies. It kind of “first come, first serve” principle, and you’ve to use this chance to get good relation with those companies.

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