Frankfurt is one of the best and largest cities in Germany. It is the fifth-largest city which is situated on the main river in Germany’s central belt, making it the most beautiful city in Germany. It is the largest financial center in continental Europe which has a major influence on transport, culture, finance, education, economy, and the most import, tourism. You will find many museums, historic buildings, live events, and trade fairs which attracts many visitors every year. The most exciting thing about Frankfurt is the nightlife of this city which shows the diversity of people from all over the world, there is a vibrant mix of breweries-turned-clubs, themed DJ bars and cigar lounges in different areas which makes a night out in this city slightly edgier and exciting than your average city-center experience. This is the home of trance music techno-pumping and wild venues and the late-night cafés and bars are very easy to find. You can also dance the whole night away with your friends and escorts in the elegant and decent upper-floors of the city’s high-rise skyscrapers which hosts the best parties. There is a more relaxed pace in the streets and one of the biggest beer gardens which are located in the south of the river where apple wine is served in earthenware jugs, but you might don’t want to go there on weekends as it would be way too crowded. Most bars are open until 1 is during the week, and into the early hours on weekends, others are more discreet about the venues and timings. People in this city love to party and enjoy beers, so they host private parties in different areas of the city on weekends.

The Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof rail station is the major spot for long-distance traveling and regional trains that operates throughout the day. All Rhine-Main S-Bahn lines, two U-Bahn lines, several tram and bus lines stop here could be seen stopped here and you will see the huge number of tourists getting on and off to this station. Frankfurt Airport Long Distance Station connects Frankfurt International Airport to the main rail network directly, making it the easiest way to reach your destination in time. Frankfurt’s third long-distance station is the Südbahnhof, located in Sachsenhausen and it is way too comfortable and gives you a smooth journey. Frankfurt also has two underground railway systems which are the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn, as well as an above-ground tram that run every 10 minutes so if you miss one you can find another in the next ten minutes. Several bus lines complete the Frankfurt public transportation system. Night buses take over the service of the U-Bahn and trams between 1:30 and 3:30 am so you need to be on time if you want to catch them.

Taxis can be found outside most S-Bahn or U-Bahn stations and other major intersections but for this transportation, you need to know some important german words to make them understand your destination. Velotaxis has recently also become popular in Frankfurt. There is a tricycle ridden by the ‘driver’ with a sheltered passenger cab, not the quickest and comfiest way to travel but it would be a good experience to try. There is the room just for two people and the service covers the entire city.

Deutsche Bahn rents out bicycles at major road intersections and railway stations, but be careful while hiring the bicycles according to your height and comfort level. The per-day rent for these bicycles is €15. Frankfurt has a big network of modern cycle routes throughout the city which is the safest idea as you won’t need to worry about the heavy traffic on the main roads and it is an excellent way to roam around the city peacefully.

If you are visiting Frankfurt in the summer then you are in for a treat as many venues set up outdoor beach clubs, live music with some of the best DJs who lays the best trance to get high on. These beaches are complete with sand, many barbecues and volleyball tournaments throughout the summer. The food in this city is also mouth-watering if you are a complete foodie who loves to try new dishes and appreciate the new taste of different places. If you are visiting Germany for the first time then you will hear a lot of hype about currywurst, it is grown on tourists over time. Best Worscht in Town offers the favorite and most amazing currywurst in Frankfurt. People in Frankfurt often eat this on the weekend when they want a quick, but indulgent lunch which will fulfill their cravings and an empty stomach.

The typical order of most people in Frankfurt consists of one Pork Sausage (Bratwurst), Cheezy Curry which is a mix of lemon and jambalaya seasoning, roasted or fried onions, and mozzarella cheese, it is a level of spice which makes everything perfect and fits your mood any day. This is always served with a piece of hearty bread to enjoy.

The next best ad favorite thing in this city is the Korean Fried Chicken (Filet Pieces) with Classic Sauce and to get to Koryano you have to head to the northern outskirts of Frankfurt in Eschersheim, which might be a little journey for you. The restaurant is housed in an unassuming building that is also home to a sports club which gives it a rusty and vintage look, the trek is bit off-the-beaten-path, but the fried chicken is worth the journey and wait. This fried chicken is nothing like what you might get at BonChon which is a global Korean Fried Chicken chain. This tastes and feels like Korean home cooking and will take you on a ride of taste. The favorite sauce of the people of Frankfurt is the classic sweet and spicy sauce with chunks of garlic. It is the right balance of flavors. You should also prefer getting filet strips because they are a bit easier to eat with chopsticks if you are new with the chopsticks, you should also try the wings here, which are tasty too.