Frankfurt is one of the largest and crowded cities in Germany which is very rich in history and culture and has a rich past with the Roman Empire and a unique distinction of being a sovereign city in Germany for nearly over five centuries. With a healthy population of more than 3 million people, Frankfurt is without a doubt the hub for commerce, education, tourism, transportation, futuristic projects, and culture.

Frankfurt is culturally and ethnically assorted. With this large population, it is normal to have people with diverse backgrounds; and when different communities co-exist in a free country, it results in the fraternization of different cultures, fairs, and festivals everywhere. People celebrate together and take part in each other’s festivities, which results in the growth of biodiversity, harmony, love, peace, and values. Frankfurt is the host of the world’s largest trade fairs. Major trade fairs which include Music Fairs, World’s largest Book Fair, Motor Shows, Traditional folk fairs, and other events. Citizens of the Frankfurt love to party and celebrate in the festivities and all kinds of special occasions. There are many major fairs and festivals that are held in Frankfurt all around the year for you to enjoy. Do try to attend some of them when you are visiting Frankfurt anytime in the future and have some fun. The people of Frankfurt love being outside and breathing life into their streets the whole year. There is always something going on, all year round: indoor concerts, open-air concerts, movie screenings, all kinds of festivals, theatre plays, outdoor markets, sports events and so much more. Especially in the summer, there are no uneventful weekends. Summer is probably the best time to visit this eventful city.

Berger Strassenfest

Berger Strassenfest held in late May or early June each year, it is attended by thousands of people not only from Frankfurt city but also from, Rhine, and Main region along with thousands of tourists from all over the world. This festival is held in Berger Strasse, and the streets are overloaded with different food stalls, along with some local shops and restaurants. These food outlets offer extravagant local cuisines, along with exotic drinks and their own touch of Germany’s special.

Frankfurt’s Autumn Dippemess

Dippemess Frankfurt is held each year in the season of autumn or fall from 7th to 16th September. This festival is the biggest of its kind, and for this reason, it takes place twice a year, for a few weeks which entertains the whole of Frankfurt. Held in a festival ground opposite ice hockey stadium Eissporthalle, it is an ideal location for multiple rides, galleries, action-packed roller coasters, haunted trains, food and drink booths, and different food and entertainment stalls. It is also a great place to enjoy live music with your partners.

Rotlint Strassen festival

Celebrated in late August or early September, it was originally a get together of one of the neighborhoods in town. This festival is only 35 years old, but it is still widely celebrated throughout the city. Rotlint Strassen festival today is an occasion when friends from old neighborhoods in Nordend meet up after the whole year. People set up multiple stalls in the cities and children sell their Play Mobil castles and Lego blocks and unique creations. If you are in the neighborhood at the time of this festival, then you should definitely go and visit it.

Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival

This festival is playing an important role in defining the social and cultural aspects of this city and the whole of Germany for more than a hundred years. Every year around the second or third week in August, locals, and tourists come on a single platform in the Main metropolis street to celebrate Apple Wine Festival. This festival also accompanies different stage programs and other poetry competitions, it is more like a literature festival. There is certainly no better place on Earth for tasting the best kind of Apple Wines other than this festival.


The first pair of summers 2020, it was going to take place from 2nd May to 3rd May 2020. However, the coronavirus delayed this event and probably not going to happen this year. After the success of the first German Comic-Con, this year’s Comic-Con was highly anticipated and people were really excited to take part in it. If you were to be anywhere near Frankfurt, or Germany, you had to visit it. You will have been able to meet internationally acclaimed and famed guests from all the genres.

Automechanika Frankfurt

Automechanika Frankfurt is the world’s biggest trade fair for the automotive service industry. This is where all the automobile companies present their concept cars, new models, hypercars, supercars, and custom made cars to the audience. This festival is nothing like other festivals and fairs, Automechanika doesn’t take place each year. Instead, it is held once in 2 years. If you plan to visit Germany in 2020, you can plan your stay based on the dates of this world’s leading automotive exhibition and trade fair if you are into cars and futuristic designs. It will take place from 8th to 12th September 2020.

Marathon Mall

Marathon Mall is an annual event in Frankfurt, which will take place from 25 to 27 October 2020. It is open to all runners, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants to take part in it. You don’t really need to be an athlete to be a part of this. This platform will be used to discuss trends and novelties regarding running sports. Displayers include sports item manufacturers, sports shops, services, and information providers. You can see a variety of sports clothing, shoes, nutrition, and any other matter that relates to sports performance enhancement.

Intergeo Frankfurt

Intergeo is one of the most important events in the world for smart village and city projects. Here, leaders of big-time energy and power companies sit on a single platform to decide what is best for the world and which direction to choose to develop. They also discuss the problems currently faced by cities and villages and try to work a solution. They introduce new plans and ideas for a better infrastructure of Germany. This year’s Intergeo is going to be held in Frankfurt. There are more than 570 exhibitors this year to discuss the future of our cities and villages. So try to save their date, which is 13th October to 15th October 2020, and do visit it.