Eintracht Frankfurt is the best-known sports club in Frankfurt / Main and the Rhein-Main region. With their football division, Eintracht is one of the big traditional and oldest clubs within German football. The final era of successful title wins ended in the mid-1990s when Eintracht had to fight for their economic and sportive survival because of the financial issues and inner politics. In addition to their football division, Eintracht oversees 18 further sports sections. The club’s colors are red-black-white; their logo is the golden eagle.

Eintracht Frankfurt and their fans are one of the most celebrated teams in Germany at the moment. The Eagles’ attacking, fun-to-watch football has led to an extraordinary Europa League run, as well as put them in contention for a coveted, Champions-League securing fourth place in the Bundesliga which was actually a surprise for german fans. All along the way, their fans have organized choreographies in each and every home game in Europe in every other season, and their away following numbers have often been in double digits. The club was founded in 1899 when there was a whole new level of craze for this sport. The current captain of the side is defender David Abraham from Argentina. The coach of Eintracht Frankfurt is Adi Hütter. They have won the German Championship once and German Cup (DFB-Pokal) 5 times, the last time was back in 2018, and they have also won the UEFA Cup once. Eintracht Frankfurt has enjoyed huge success in the Bundesliga, having either won or drawn more than three-quarters of their games in the season as well as having finished the majority of their seasons placed in the top half of the table.

The club crest derives from the coat of arms of the beautiful city of Frankfurt, which itself is a reference to the one-headed imperial eagle of the 13th century and the people of Frankfurt honor the crest wholeheartedly. However, the crest has evolved slowly over time, showing little significant change until 1980, when a stylized eagle in black and white was chosen to represent the team but then soon after the year of 1999, the club decided to re-adopt a more traditional eagle crest to represent the club and the people of Frankfurt. Since 2005, Eintracht has had a living mascot, a golden eagle named Attila from the nearby Hanau Zoo, who has currently been present at over 200 different games of the club.

The global pandemic which started in 2019 shook the whole world and it affected so many lives and businesses. The rapid increase in the number of deaths of people all over the world forced everyone to stay indoors and practice social distancing which also affected the sports world. The seasons got canceled and the clubs had no option other than to stay at their home and pray that this too shall pass. The Eintracht Frankfurt club officials discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to end the 2019-20 campaign early.

The sporting director Fredi Bobic of Eintracht Frankfurt was worried about the financial impact if the Bundesliga season ends prematurely due to coronavirus, and said that it would be a major economic loss for all clubs. He was right, and the clubs started to spiral down in this global pandemic economically. The COVID-19 has created havoc across the globe with more than 264k deaths, shutting down cities and sports around the world amid the pandemic.

The club officials are trying to do everything they can to ensure that they can continue to play football. Because it is not just about the money, but also about jobs in the club and around it. Many people are directly and indirectly involved with football earn their bread, take care of their families, and live from it. Football is a huge industry. They are also trying to divert the mind of people of Frankfurt naturally to ensure that people start talking about other things than the coronavirus. That is what sport is all about. To keep the people healthy, and positive in their life. The officials are repeating the same thing, again and again, to make people understand that this is not something to take lightly and the whole world needs to do exactly what our doctors tell us. We should listen to them.

The Eintracht Frankfurt, 12th in the Bundesliga after playing 24 rounds in 2019-20 confirmed that two unnamed players tested positive for coronavirus and the club needs to take precautions. The club officials told the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt that both the players are doing all right and they are in self-isolation. They are being treated well and there are furthermore tests that need to take place to ensure that the rest of the test is safe from the coronavirus. But so far everything seems normal and they are taking care of it. Some of the players are showing symptoms but they are not really in a critical condition. The doctors assured the whole team that they are fine but they still need to practice social distancing in order to minimize the risk of infecting each other within the club. The two players who are tested positive are totally fine and they still have their sense of humor which shows that they can fight any battle with a smile and it is the most heartwarming thing to see. They both are doing incredibly good and they will soon get back to in their normal routine and be the part of their team.

However, the cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly. Over 8,742 people are tested positive and over 400 people have died because of the virus and the graph of the cases is going high on a daily basis. Let’s just hope that this ends soon and we can all go back to our normal routines and see our favorite players perform once again in front of the whole of Frankfurt. Till then we just need to keep practice social distancing at any cost.