What makes vintage sex better? Oiling an escort and fucking her. That’s a weird thought, to be frank with you, but it’s a tested and 100% verified process.

Have you seen the porn videos where girls are in oiled from head to toe? Well, there are a few reasons why people need oil. Oiling a girl can make sex better. Let’s be more specific; oiling takes orgasm on another level. Today we will talk about the nature of oiling and why it’s so essential if you need unforgettable sex in your life.

Killing a girl before sex goes as “sex hack.” When we talk about the stuff that can make sex more addictive, oiling is one of them. Why does it happen that oil sex is always better? We dug deep down and searched for the answer. So, let’s start with the hidden secrets of oiling sex.

Smooth feeling

Before the sex act, everything may get dry. And mostly, people use their saliva to make sex process smooth. You don’t need to rely only on saliva. Oil is a great helper when it comes to soft and easy sex, as dick can easily slide into tight ass or pussy. When it comes to ultimate softness, oil beats every competitor.

We have asked our escorts to give friendly advice on how to make oiling sex as a perfect memory.

Erogenous zones on top of everything

First, you need to oil erogenous zones of ladies. You already know those parts of ladies, but we make it even more specific. So, try oil every nerve ending point on the girl’s body. Those nerve endings make a difference while fucking and having an orgasm. A bit pressure on those erogenous zones can lead to enormous satisfaction for both, men and women.

The smell of oil makes everything better

When sex partners oil each other, the smell starts to grow in the room. Sex becomes better in a sensual and fantastic aroma. As it seems, oiling makes fucking not only smoothing but pleasant smelling and comfortable to get with.

Oil makes sex massage enjoyable.

Sex should always have prelude. In most cases, a blow job or oil massage gets the best award as a prelude of sex.

Why it’s important to have a massage before sex? Your dick needs some time to get hard and get ready for work. Women body need a few minutes for full arousal, so you be the judge. If you need full advanced sex in bed, then you have to try prelude and not to attempt fucking from the first second.

Oil massage is always pleasant. When the hand touches your oiled body, it makes your state of mind very calm. And, you feel very comfortable and self-confident.

Coconut oil could be the best choice.

Most escorts admit that coconut oil makes sex life easier. It’s very smooth and smells excellent. Coconut oil is not dangerous for the vagina or penis. So, after oiling will make dry sex parts into the park of amusement for your sex fantasies.

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