On the river main in Germany, one of the most beautiful European cities is placed. Frankfurt as the heart of Europe hosts different niche related conferences and meetups.

From 26th April, Frankfurt will host Hookah Expo. International expo meetup will give you access to millions of visitors, buyers, investors, angel investors, millionaires, product developers, etc.

In this industry, you need connections to stay ahead of the competition. That kind of expos should be your ticket to high-class connections and increasing your product revenue or find an investor who will help you to develop your company in this industry.

What’s unique about the Hookah Expo Frankfurt

Some of you may ask, what’s so special in Hookah expo 2019? Well, it’s the most significant annual meeting for industry players and fans. Keep in mind that big players in the hookah niche will show new approaches, products, and services. If you have a product, service or just business involving hookah, then Frankfurt should be your primary target from 26th to 28th April 2019.

Main achievements for 2019 Expo

We would love to inform you entirely about the expo. If you wish to register as a contributor or exhibitor, then click here. Keep in mind just traders have also access to the exhibition but with a special badge. To get a special invitation as a trader, you can click here and register for the Frankfurt journey.

The exhibition will be not only about hookahs but also about vipers, water pipes, electronic shishas, hookah tobacco, charcoal, and its requisites. If you have money to invest, then it’s time to book your flight to Frankfurt.

Biggest brands in this industry will take place as an exhibitor. Popular brands such as “Social Smoke,” “111 Tobacco”, “Blackcock” and “Darkside Tobacco” will be main representatives of the expo. They will lead the showtime and present the audience with new approaches. Except for those big brands, everyone can meet with companies such as “Tobacco Octopuz,” “Adalya Black,” “Blue Horse,” etc.

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