Millions of tourists visit Frankfurt every year. They come to see beautiful sightseeing and events that could lead to great moments of their life. Some of the tourists can’t satisfy their ego. Why that’s happening? Because they are not prepared for Frankfurt and don’t take tours to feel the true nature of the city. When we mention the true face of the city, we mean the history, places, hidden information from foreigners and walking through cities like a German. There is a walking tour in Frankfurt, created by local citizens to make the tourist feel like a real German. After all, we visit Frankfurt to feel the real German lifestyle, right?

Why you should choose Guided City Walk

Guided city walk is specially created for tourist. People who visit Frankfurt first time, or don’t know the city fully. That’s why Guided city walk will be a perfect choice to explore the heart of Europe. Price is very affordable – 1-Day ticket starts € 10.50 as an individual order. If you would love to have group guidance, then tickets start from € 22.00.

First and foremost, you’ll be given a chance to take a real lesson in Frankfurt history. People who guide you in Frankfurt, know history very well. They will talk about the 7-8th century, the period that’s very important for Frankfurt. You’ll also learn about the 12th century when Frankfurt started growing economically. The city increased the number of citizens and created a powerful police system. The town was burnt and built for a few times already in the last centuries. That’s why people see modern and ancient architecture in the city.

Frankfurt history is significant to understand the actual value of the city itself. If you listen to tour representatives, they will inform you about everything related to the town.

Frankfurt’s architecture

As we have mentioned above, the city was rebuilt a few times. It was not comfortable for anyone to live in Frankfurt. People describe Frankfurt as the city where the futuristic buildings meet ancient times. Frankfurt citizens did not want to lose the true sense of the city, so they have rebuilt city buildings and sightseeing places as it was in past centuries. As of now, the city is the economic center of Europe and hosts many events on progress, digital world, finances, business, culture, etc.

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