Anal is sex highly popular and satisfying thing in the world. Everyone – straight, gay and bisexual enjoy anal sex. Back in ancient times, people admired anal sex, so it’s not an achievement or new enjoyment. People were fucking in the ass for centuries. Today we would love to talk about anal sex without a condom.

Anal is a different level of pleasure. You have not tested whole new adventure without a fucking lady in the ass. In general, escorts enjoy fucking from the back as its high level of pleasure. Keep in mind that ass hole is always tight, so putting your dick into the hole will lead to fantastic sex.

What’s anal sex exactly?

In general, people call anal sex when a penis enters into the anal hole. In some cases, anal sex could be associated with a fucking lady with your fingers. It could be penetrating ass hole so that they get another level of fucking.

Everyone enjoys anal without condom; it could be man or women. So, when you decide to enter into this wild and naughty sex universe, read the tips we give below.

Why it’s good to have sex without a condom?

A condom is always a safe idea. But in most cases, the condom is losing the original taste of sex. Yes, you fuck a lady in the ass, but the actual feeling is lost. Just think about your dick touching naughty ladies ass hole, is not it exciting? That’s why man makes up their mind on not using a condom to get a real taste of pure anal sex. Fucking Frankfurt whore in the ass without Condom, will lead to a substantially fantastic orgasm.

Use lots of lubricants

When you don’t take on a condom, anal sex could be a bit harder. As the ass hole is very tight, you need something to make your dick slide into ass. That’s why you need to use lots of lubricants. Without lubricants, it’s getting harder to have smooth anal without a condom.

Keep in mind that you need water-based lubricants that make your dick slide slowly and steady. Water-based lubricants are specially designed for anal sexual intercourse. Unlike the pussy, women’s ass doesn’t produce its lubricant, so prepare enough oils for sex. Man can also use his saliva but without lubricant, tightness will win, and your anal sex experience will be a total disaster.

Stimulate the anal hole

Just like the classic sex in pussy, you need the same stimulation with an anal hole. You can be the copycat and use the exact hand or tongue skills to stimulate women’s anal hole. As you understand that girl is already excited and her ass is ready – start doing your best work.

Start slowly and speed up during the process

Don’t start fast, as it will make Frankfurt escort’s ass painful. Instead, take your time and after stimulation, start fucking girl in the ass slowly. Remember that you don’t have a condom, so while you fuck in and out ass, try to get more and more lubricant. As you naturally understand that she is feeling it, start speeding up. In most cases, girl’s love fucking with a slow mode – like you should make them feel each slap of your dick into their ass hole. That’s how you get them excited, and you may witness their best orgasm.

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